Australia AI Collective Mission

Collaborating with leading experts to expand and promote the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) throughout Australia, the Australia AI Collective (AAIC) works to highlight the role of AI in the country’s economic future and supports the growth of the AI ecosystem through focused plans and strategies to help Australia become a world-leader in AI.

Our objective is to encourage the responsible and inclusive creation and adoption of artificial intelligence technologies by industry and governments across Australia as a means to drive growth across all sectors of the economy and promote positive social and environmental outcomes.

AAIC Objectives

  • Supporting the creation of artificial intelligence technologies and promoting Australian capability;
  • Facilitating collaboration between industry, regulators and other stakeholders to reform economic and commercial systems using artificial intelligence technologies;
  • Educating individuals, businesses, governments and civil society stakeholders on the features and most effective uses of artificial intelligence technologies;
  • Advocating for regulatory reform to achieve technology neutrality in order to allow innovation in the development and application of artificial intelligence technologies;
  • Encouraging Australian and other governments to stimulate innovation in the development and application of artificial intelligence technologies through the adoption of an AI-first strategy for procurement;
  • Participating in international networks and forums to encourage collaboration, networking, regulatory alignment and the development of standards.

Artificial Intelligence

AI attempts to create machines that rival human competence in a wide range of tasks. Using a variety of tools and techniques, the field of AI includes research and applications in Machine Learning (ML); Predictive Analytics; Computer Vision; Robotics and Autonomous Systems; Natural Language Processing (NLP); Speech Recognition; Knowledge Representation and Automated Planning and Optimisation.

Transformative Technology

AI provides a set of next generation technologies that we expect to have a significant impact on Australia’s industry, economy and future jobs. AI will play a major role in Industry 4.0 transformation and there has been considerable investment growth over the last few years, especially since the advances of Deep Learning (DL). From the lab to the real-world, AI-based systems are now in the implementation phase.

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AAIC Directors

  • Tamanna Monem
  • Dr. John Flackett
  • Dr. Sue Keay
  • Emma Berry

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